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A Red Flag Audit® is an in-depth, confidential, financial examinationredfladinternalpg

Walsh & Associates’ Red Flag Audit® is a proprietary comprehensive wealth management process developed by Walsh & Associates to highlight the areas of a family’s current financial plan that need attention. Naturally, these areas will range in importance and we always try to emphasize the areas that we believe are of the utmost concern to you and your family.

We’ve learned from years of experience that the foundation for any good, solid and long term financial plan begins with a careful assessment of a family’s current financial condition that includes: a thoughtful examination of what assets (and liabilities) exist, how those assets have been handled in the past and what provisions are already in place to help protect and grow those assets in the future. Of equal importance are the existing plans (or lack of plans) in anticipation of your financial needs in the future. Once we determine where you are, and where you want to go, we can begin to develop a strategies on how to get there.

Our overall objective is to utilize our expertise in Comprehensive Wealth Management to help our clients and their family to maximize the fruits of their hard work and years of saving for these retirement years. We will use the information that you provide us to develop six individual strategies in:

  1. Insurance/Risk Management Strategy
  2. Retirement Strategy
  3. Investment Strategy
  4. Tax Strategy
  5. Education Strategy (May not apply to you at this time)
  6. Estate Strategy

Each strategy can stand on its own independently, or work in conjunction with one or more strategy at any given time. It is our expertise in the synergy of these strategies that separates Walsh & Associates from other advisors. Our main objective in creating your Red Flag Audit® is to establish the starting point of a long-term, comprehensive plan for your financial life going forward—a plan that should be adaptable as time goes by and circumstances change.

It is important to keep in mind that this will be a “snapshot-in-time” of your current financial situation. Our recommendations will suggest ways to improve your family’s finances utilizing current tax, estate, investment, education, risk management, and retirement rules.

The Red Flag Audit® is our claim to fame, however if you want us to just look at your investments, we can but we believe that the investments are NOT the only job of a wealth manager, but rather an integral part of the overall wealth/financial plan. Investments are the “fuel” that runs the financial engine. The amount of fuel you have accumulated and the burn rate of that fuel will determine how long your “engine” will run. We try to prudently protect your investment assets as they must be available to provide stable and reliable power to run your, well-tuned financial engine.

Note – Walsh & Associates clients receive initial Red Flag Audit® and quarterly portfolio rebalancing as a part of standard service.

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