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A Red Flag Audit® is an in-depth, confidential, financial examinationredfladinternalpg

Like a Red Flag indicates that conditions are unsafe, a red flag audit® is an opportunity for each client to identify those things in their financial environment that are “unsafe”. This flat fee service is available for potential Walsh & Associates clients as well as individuals who would simply like the objective strategic input of the Walsh & Associates team, but prefer to implement these financial strategies themselves.

The Red Flag Audit® is composed of two meetings between the client and Walsh & Associates’ team member as well as the preliminary work of document gathering from the client and in-depth review on behalf of the financial professional.

Step 1: The client gathers all the necessary documents and information according the Red Flag checklist.

Step 2: The client and Walsh & Associates team member meet. The audit checklist documents are submitted for review and the client’s life goals are listed and clarified as a baseline for long term objectives.

Step 3: Between the first and second meeting, all documents are reviewed by the financial professionals at Walsh & Associates to determine strengths, weaknesses and inconsistencies in the client’s financial affairs given the client’s goals.

Step 4: At the second meeting, all the results of the audit are reviewed with the client and the Red Flag Audit® recommendations are discussed.

Step 5: After the second meeting, the client will receive a written detailed summary of all suggestions and strategies discussed for the client to implement.

Step 6: Walsh & Associates is available to offer implementation services to the Red Flag Audit® client.

Note – Walsh & Associates clients receive initial Red Flag Audit® and quarterly portfolio rebalancing as a part of standard service.

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