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Who benefits from our services?
People who value financial guidance derive tremendous benefits. We can coordinate the efforts of a client’s accountant, attorney, lender, insurance agent, and other advisors to custom fit the client’s needs. We serve individuals and high net worth individuals as well as closely held family businesses and farms, trusts and foundations. We enjoy the challenge of non-traditional financial situations.

How do we charge for financial planning services?
We don’t charge anything until you are convinced our services will benefit you. The first hour of consultation is free because we need to assess your needs before we can recommend a cost-effective approach. Most clients utilize our comprehensive asset management service where we charge based on managed assets. Sometimes a flat fee service called a Red Flag Audit is appropriate and sometimes an hourly rate is indicated. We strive to be cost effective to the client.

Are the fees deductible?
Presently, financial consultation fees are tax deductible as ordinary business expenses for taxpayers who itemize, subject to certain limitations. Fees attributable to tax deferred accounts are generally not deductible from your current tax return.

If you use Walsh & Associates for a financial planning advice, are you obligated to use Walsh & Associates to implement recommendations?
Absolutely not, you may find another investment advisor or broker to implement the recommendations. Most clients do choose Walsh & Associates to implement the recommendations.

Does Walsh & Associates only provide complete written financial programs?
No, we tailor our services to the client’s needs. Although a comprehensive Red Flag Audit is recommended, a shorter hourly consulting program may be the most appropriate.

Do we guarantee investment performance?
No person can predict future market performance consistently and accurately. But we seek to offer and instill confidence that if markets do slide we will guide you so that the damage to your life plan is minimized. Our service emphasizes meeting life goals, not beating the market. Studies have shown that people with objective financial advice generally do better than those who do it alone.

Will client information be kept confidential?
Absolutely. You will be given a privacy policy prior to any engagement and also receive one annually with any changes. Not only do we pride ourselves on confidentiality, it is the law.

How is Walsh & Associates registered?
Yes, Walsh & Associates is a Limited Liability Corporation formed under the laws of the state of Florida and registered with the SEC as an investment adviser. Joseph P. Walsh, Jr. has been in financial services for over 25 years and is the principal owner.

Does Walsh & Associates provide tax or legal services?
No, but we coordinate other advisors to help develop a more complete financial plan. It is generally beneficial to the client if this comprehensive approach is employed.

Does Walsh & Associates sell financial products such as investments, insurance, or tax shelters?
Walsh & Associates sells financial advice. If a client requests certain products such as securities, insurance or real estate, these products can be purchased from employees of the corporation or they can be purchased from any other source. All potential conflicts of interest will be disclosed in writing prior to any contractual obligation.

What method of analysis do we use to analyze investments?
We use a variety of methods of analysis. We take a fundamental approach, considering economic conditions, earnings, industry outlook, politics (as it relates to the investment), historical data, price-earnings ratios, dividends, general interest rate levels, and portfolio construction principles. We use asset allocation to come up with the appropriate ratio of stocks, bonds, alternatives, and cash for each client’s investment objective. We do not rely on technical analysis or charting.


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phone Phone: 815-748-2130
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phone Phone: 941-952-1188
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